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The Flow of Dharam

My name is Dharam and I am a certified Yoga teacher.

I am here to help you: 
gain serenity and confidence, 
get rid of your stress and negative thoughts,
regain power over your life through a healthier lifestyle!

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I love healthy foods and cook every single day.
I believe that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and to have a healthy body, the diet plays one of the biggest roles! 

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Kundalini Yoga Classes

Discover the different memberships for my Kundalini Yoga Classes Online! Whether you are a Student, Adult or want a One-on-One Private Class, I've got you covered! We meet once a week and the replays are always available!

Meditation Group

Looking for something more relaxing and shorter than a Kundalini Yoga Class? Try the meditation Group! We meet once a week to practice a meditation together. It is never the same meditation so that we can work on different patterns.

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Take a look at my shop if you feel like like classes or memberships aren't your thing. You will find Meditation Bundles, Recipe Bundles and so much more! Once you buy them, it is yours for life, so don't wait any longer!

What People Are Saying

"Having yoga lessons with Dharam has renewed my affection for yoga: she's a fantastic instructor, she carries out her lessons with a lot of passion showing that she really cares about what she teaches. Her course allow you to feel mentally and physically restored thanks to all the different kind of exercises it offers. I personally recommend this course to everyone who wants to stretch, relax, have his mind lighter and know more about the culture being Kundalini Yoga."
Daniele Risita
"When the opportunity to do yoga presented itself, I was a skeptical. Actually, I was wrong. Now I see that it relaxes my body a lot and even helps me sleep better. I do my meditation every evening and I have to say a big thank you to Dharam, because she's been a great teacher!"
Elisa Baracetti
"I had never done yoga before these classes with Dharam and I have to say, I discovered a new world. I am a very anxious person but since I started these classes, it has helped me find a great physical and mental balance. Dharam is very amazing, she pays attention to your needs and follows you during the entire lesson."
Chiara Sanvito