Hi, I Am Dharam Muscas

I am a 20 year old young woman living and studying Interpretation & Translation in Rome, Italy. I am also a yoga teacher and passionate about helping others gain a healthier lifestyle.

I was born in Rome, but grew up in France with my mother. 
At the age of 12 I made the decision to do my High School in India at Miri Piri Academy. As the time past, the less I wanted to leave my comfortable life with my mom by my side. I finally took the big leap when I was 14 years old. Not knowing English, knowing only one person at the school and just jumping into the unknown. There I was, 6500 km away from home. I ended up going back for a total of 3 years and couldn’t be happier that I took that chance on life.

After that I returned to where I lived in France, completed 2 years of French High School in one to obtain a French High School diploma. I was planning on starting a university course there but again took a chance on life and moved to Berlin, Germany. Not knowing German and having just a few friends there. I didn’t feel like it suited me with where I was at in my life. Which brings me now to Rome. I have never lived in this beautiful city before now.

About Miri Piri Academy

Deciding to go to Miri Piri Academy, which is an international boarding school located in Amritsar, India, was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Miri Piri Academy, or MPA, is quite a special school, where you have the capacity to do incredible things such as yoga, martial arts, lots of sports, travel through India and other countries but most importantly you get out of there with a second family. I am entirely sure that if I hadn’t gone to MPA, I wouldn’t be where and who I am today. I wouldn’t have the awareness and capacity to overcome any challenges that life throws at me. I wouldn’t be as secure of a person, and I for sure wouldn’t believe that I could be a leader.

I went through some difficult times and often would wish to be “home” with my mom in France while being there. (I say “home” in quotation marks because the truth is MPA becomes your home, you end up have 2 or more homes, isn’t fantastic?) But at the end of the year, I made the decision to come back every single time, 3 years in a row, because at the end all that mattered were the good times and all the genius experiences I had. I am forever grateful for the time I spent there and the people I met along the way.

My relationship with food

I honestly never have had an easy relationship with food. I was born a vegetarian, since both my parents are. But already as a baby I had problems with milk to the day that my mom found out I was dairy intolerant. As soon as she started giving me plant based milk, everything changed.

It was quite difficult from time to time growing up being “different”. Later on as I hit my teenage years, I started having pretty bad acne. At first we all thought it was because of puberty. It was affecting me badly, I tried various treatments, and nothing worked. We discovered that I was intolerant to gluten as well.

The less I would eat of foods containing dairy or gluten, the better my skin would get. Still to this day I watch out very closely to what I eat, and try to make the “purest” forms of food I can.
Adding up to being intolerant to dairy and gluten, I am also intolerant to sugar. That is the main reason why I cook everything myself and much prefer preparing my own meals than buying already made foods.

It brings me such satisfaction to make and try out new association of ingredients, foods and recipes. I still enjoy eating some cheese, some dairy products, as well as some gluten and sugar, but I try to limit it as much as possible and when I decide to eat any of these three, I make a conscious decision.