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If you would like to reset your password follow the next steps. 

Go on the Log In page > click “Lost your password?” > enter your email or username > an email will be sent to you > click the link in the email > create your new password > click reset password.

It is advised to practice your yoga in the morning before you have your breakfast. But any time during the day can be good, as long as you have an empty stomach. 

You should practice your yoga on an empty stomach and wearing comfortable clothes in a quiet environment. Making sure to always respect and follow the order of the exercises. 

It is not obligated to do 1 hour of yoga every time. You can do only a kriya, making sure to always follow and respect the order of the exercises, or a meditation.

You can choose your practice in function of how much time you have in front of you or based on how you feel. Always making sure to follow and respect the order of the exercises.

You can cancel your subscription at any desired time with these 2 options:

  1. sending me an email and/or contacting me through the Contact Box. 
  2. from your personal area, following the next steps: logging in > my account > subscriptions > actions > cancel my subscription.