Set yourself a routine!

A routine is like a habit or sequence that doesn’t vary. It is a pattern you create in your life that can actually have an impact on how you feel and function. 

Discipline creates habits, habits makes routines and routines improve your daily life! Overall better health is a result of just a little extra planning.🌟

Why is having a routine important?

Here are some interesting facts that will show you how important it is to have a routine and most importantly why!
❊ Eating habits, exercise patterns, sleep schedules are all tasks that can improve your mental and physical health as well as reduce stress.
❊ Your daily routine influences your quality of rest as your sleep schedule and bedtime habits affect your mental sharpness, performance, emotional well-being and energy level.
❊ Keeping a routine can improve your productivity, allowing us to control our schedules rather than our schedules controlling us
❊ It creates a positive level of stress that keeps us focused.
❊ It makes people feel safe and more in control of their life.
❊ It helps us cope with change and to reduce our stress levels.
❊ Discipline helps us train our minds and body and enables us to focus on our goals.

Now that you know how important it is to have a routine you might wonder what you can add to your already going daily routine to make it better. Below are a few ideas that will change your game!

What to add to your routine?

Here are a few simple things you could add to your routine to make the most out of it!

the main things I came across:
✶ improve your sleep, go to bed around the same time everyday and wake up at the same time. This way your body will pick up a rhythm
✶ exercise any way you like, a workout, some yoga, a walk, run or going to the gym. MOVE YOUR BODY
✶ healthy eating, eat regular meals, don’t skip meals
✶ drink water, drink at least 1,5 l of water everyday
✶ take time for yourself to regenerate
✶ read books
✶ spend time with your loved ones
✶ mindfulness activity, meditation

But here are also some other cool things I found:
✶ get out of bed immediately
✶ intention for the day
✶ healthy breakfast
✶ take vitamins or complements
✶ listen to music
✶ outdoor time
✶ create a to do list

And most importantly be grateful, even if things don’t always go as planned!💛

How do you set a healthy routine?

We have all been overworked at some point and it never feels nice. So here is how to set up a routine that works and that won’t get you to the point of exhaustion. 

Here is how to set up your healthy routine:
⋒ write down what you do on a typical day, brainstorm
⋒ reduce/remove unwanted activities that drain you or that aren’t necessary
⋒ turn your day into a schedule, 
⋒ make enough time for sleep
⋒ make time for eating and cooking healthy foods 
⋒ make time for breaks, it is important to regenerate and take time to relax
⋒ give your new routine a test drive, does it work?
⋒ make changes based on your experience, switch up what didn’t feel right
⋒ repeat until you’ve got a routine that works. You can always do 6 months and switch it when it doesn’t feel like that’s what you need anymore!

Let’s keep it consistent!

Don’t we all say that we’re going to do this and that and then we only get half the things done and get discouraged? 

Here is how to keep it going:

  • be consistent with time
  • make it fun
  • reward yourself
  • be prepared
  • set small goals, breaks each large goals into smaller ones
  • start your day with your most important work
  • follow your flow
  • get enough sleep
  • rise early
  • meditate daily
  • move your body
  • eat a good breakfast
  • take a nap
  • take breaks to re-energise 
  • use a to do list
  • drink water and eat regular meals

I hope that all of this information has been useful to you. Let me know if you have any more ideas on how to better a routine in the comments and let me know if this is helpful!
Sending much love to you always!
xxx Dharam

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