The Chakras

Chakra means ‘wheel’. They are energy centres, or energy vortices. Seven of the chakras correspond to areas of the endocrine system or to nerve plexus in the physical body. The eighth corresponds to the aura or magnetic field of the body. 

▵ The Lower Triangle corresponds to the 3 first chakras. They focus on elimination and reduction. 
▵ The Point of Balance corresponds to the 4th chakra, the heart center.
▵ The Upper triangle corresponds to the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras. They accumulate, create and refine. 

No chakra stands alone, they all work in unison and are all part of a larger cycle of evolution and devolution, manifestation and sublimation. 
The first 5 chakras are associated with elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether, and the qualities each element represents. 
Chakras affect our perceptions, feelings and choices. They affect the flow and types of thoughts we have, and the energies we attract. They affect the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious. 

The First Chakra

or root chakra, has much to do with our feeling that we have right to be here, our sense of stability and trust. 
When this chakra is unbalanced, you might have feelings such as insecurity or have fears. You will always feel like you are walking on shaky grounds. Life might feel as a burden or as if you don’t belong on Earth or in one’s culture or family. 
A sign of this chakra being underdeveloped is a weak body constitution, having elimination problems and/or a reduced physical and mental resistance. 

On the other hand, when this chakra is developed you will feel grounded, centred and secure. When the root chakra is balanced you are stable and loyal. 
It represents the Earth element in the body and is located at the end of the spine between the anus and the sexual organs. Its color is red. 

The Second Chakra

or Svadisthana (‘sweetness’ in Sanskrit) is all about the flow of creativity, polarity and change. It is connected with the Water element and with magnetic forces. 
When it is unbalanced you might have rigid emotions or a sense of frigidity. You won’t be able to put boundaries and will attract irresponsible relationships. You might as well experience feelings of guilt. 
A sign of this chakra being underdeveloped is having problems with the reproductive organs or kidneys. 

However, when this chakra is balanced and developed you will be positive and have patience. You will be creative and will attract responsible relationships. It is easy to have empathy with others and to give freely and generously.
It is located at the sexual organs and also regulates their function and that of associated organs such as the kidneys and bladder. It is also connected to feelings and emotions, as well as the cycles of the moon. Its color is orange.

The Third Chakra

or Manipura (‘lustrous gem’ in Sanskrit) is located at the navel point and is the chakra of energy, will, intuition, direct action and power – the Fire of life.
When this chakra is unbalanced you might feel angry often, have feelings such as shame, greed and despair. You will see obstacles everywhere and won’t have enough strength or spontaneity. You will tend to conform in order to be recognised. You might not acknowledge your own wishes or emotions. 
A sign of it being underdeveloped is having problems with digestion, the liver, the gallbladder and the pancreas. 

But when it is balanced you will have self-esteem. The thirds chakra is where the strength for inner balance, inspiration and good health is developed. 
It is located at the Navel point in the same area as the bellybutton. Its element is the combustive force of Fire – just like the Sun in the sky. Its color is yellow.

The Fourth Chakra

or Anahata (‘unstuck’ in Sanskrit) is located at the heart center, the center of the chest. It is the chakra of love & compassion and represents the air element. 
When it is unbalanced, it can manifest in various ways. Emotionally you will have feelings of attachment, feeling alienation or grief, questioning the existence of love, acting out in passive-aggressive ways, or feeling unusually lonely. It can also manifest in over-giving, sharing with those that are unwilling to receive. It can also be seen in physical ways through heart, lung problems, blood pressure problems and panic attacks. 

However, when balanced you will experience compassion, kindness, forgiveness will come naturally and life flows with love. You will be able to recognise and understand these qualities in others and you will start to awaken to spiritual awareness. 

The Fifth Chakra

or Vishuddhara (‘purification’ in Sanskrit) also known as the Throat Chakra. It rules communication and self-expression in all forms, spoken, written and more subtle forms of communication and expression. 
When this chakra is unbalanced you might have troubles with your expressive and descriptive abilities. It can manifest as well through voice problems, feelings of insecurity and fear of other people’s opinions and judgement. When underdeveloped you can have throat problems, neck problems and thyroid problems. 

However when this chakra is equilibrated, one will have the full power of both listening and speaking one’s truth. They will inspire others in genuine communication and authenticity. You will have a healthy self-expression and interaction with others. You will be inspiring. 
It represents the Ether and its color is light blue. 

The Sixth Chakra

or Ajna (‘perception’ in Sanskrit) also known as the third eye is the centre of perception, vision and intuition. It is associated with light and its color is Indigo.
When unbalanced it can manifest under different degrees and varieties. You might feel like you’re ‘out of it’ or ‘spaced out’, like a feeling of disconnection. You can also have feelings of confusion and depression. As well as having intellectual rationalisations of preconceptions which provides an excuse for denying reality and the experience. 

When developed you have a clear perception and will feel comfortable in any reality. You will have clairvoyance, concentrations and determination. Your power of projection and intuition will be strong and flowing. 

The Seventh Chakra

or Sahasrara (‘thousand petalled lotus’ in Sanskrit) is located at the top of the head and is associated with the pineal gland which is said to be the seat of the soul. Its color is violet. 
When underdeveloped you might experience grief or are unable to explore spirituality on your own. You might feel like your spiritual believes are wrong and therefor suppress them. When it is overdeveloped you can have a feeling of being separated from existence, as if you’re always in the clouds. 

When balanced, you will have a connection to your highest self and a relationship to the unknown. You will have a feeling of unity, enlightenment and elevation. 

The Eighth Chakra

or also known as the aura is manifested through your magnetic field.  Its color is white and is all around you, as a circle of light. 
The aura combines the effects of all the other chakras and constitutes their total projection. Your aura protects you from the outside negativity, such as negative people, negative words or energies. When your aura is strong you will be shielded against these and will project good vibes to the world. 

When it is no balanced, you might feel shy and withdraw. You can feel vulnerable. 

Balance your Chakras with 7 easy Meditations

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All you need is yourself and your will.

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